Marlynto Surf Camp

NiasSorake Beach Nias is a famous name to surfers all over the world. It is arguably the most perfect right in the world: easy dry hair paddle-out, deep water, water around 29 degrees Celsius all year, not much wind, simple way to come in, can surf any tide, never flat, clean water. There are other high quality waves around as well such as Rockstar, Indicators, Sobatu, DiPi, Lagundri beachbreak, Walahiu, and islands of Asu and Bawu and Tellos.

Marlynto Surf Camp is located right in front of the wave and keyhole area. Guests are able to check the wave from the balcony and be in the lineup 5 minutes later. You can relax on the balcony in hammocks or enjoy a massage while you are not surfing. The family offers a large menu of both Western style and Indonesian foods, and there is always fresh fish, chicken, or other seafood for a Nias BBQ.

Marlynto Surf Camp is similar to a homestay where you can develop close friendships with the entire Buulolo family. Justin is a surf photographer and spends much of his time taking photos and video of his guests getting the best barrels of their lives. His photos are professional standards and the quality is great for making poster size photos after your holiday. He is also a talented surfer and will help guests with any information about the area and other surf spots.

The wave is perfect, water is warm, and the beer is cold. What more could you ask for in paradise?