Nias truly is a unique island. The main religion of South Nias is Christianity, unlike most of Indonesia. The people speak Nias language first, although Indonesian is taught in school. Sorake Beach has a very high level of English considering it is in the middle of the jungle. The first surfers came to Nias in 1975 and Marlynto Surf Camp began around 1987. The family has grown up with the camp and has developed strong friendships with tourists from all over the world. Mama remembers every guest and makes everyone feel at home.

The peak season for surfing (based on more swells and more tourists) is May through September. Unlike Bali, Nias does not have rainy season or windy seasons. There are still perfect 6 foot swells in December with no tourists around, but it is not guaranteed. There are always waves at Sorake, but guests can also go fishing, snorkeling (better visibility on small days), cultural tours, boat tours, swimming at Lagundri Beach, shopping in Teluk Dalam, or exploring on motorbikes.

Marlynto Surf Camp has motorbikes for rent either hourly or all day. There is an ATM in Teluk Dalam, 20 minutes drive from Sorake Beach.

just another day in paradise

Nias just another day in paradise


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