How to get here

map_niasSorake Beach is not quick to get to, but it is well worth the effort. Once in Indonesia, fly to Kualanamu International Airport Medan. There are many flights a day from different airlines including Lion Air, Air Asia, Malaysian Airlines, SriWijaya, Citi Link, Garuda, and many more.

There are currently two airlines flying from Medan to Nias, and that is Garuda and Wings (Lion) Air. Book your flight from Medan Kualanamu Airport to Gunung Sitoli Nias. Garuda is the best airline. Prices are similar but Garuda includes 20 kilos of baggage (including surfboards) free, whereas Lion Air charges for surfboards, sometimes 200,000Rp per board. Garuda flies twice a day between Nias and Medan. You can book you tickets online using an international credit card or from a travel agent. Lion Air (Wings) flies to Nias 5 times a day. Their official policy is 200,000Rp per surfboard bag per leg of flights, but many surfers have had problems with them charging more, so it is better to fly with Garuda if you can. Flights can be full during holiday or peak seasons, so it is best to book your flight beforehand to avoid getting stuck in Medan.

There are also daily flights from Padang to Gunung Sitoli Nias with Lion Air. This is a good option if you are also going to the Mentawai Islands.

Garuda flies daily from Jakarta to Gunung Sitoli Nias direct. This is a great option if you are flying through Jakarta.

Kualanamu Medan Airport is 1 1/2 hours drive from the city where hotels are. If you need to stay in Medan, we recommend Soechi Hotel. It is a very nice hotel and they offer free airport transfers and free buffet breakfast. Prices range from 250,000Rp to 600,000Rp depending on dates.

Once in Gunung Sitoli Nias, our driver will meet you at the gate and bring you to Sorake Beach, a 2 1/2 hour drive. You can relax and enjoy the gorgeous rice field and jungle backgrounds and even check a couple of other waves on the way.

There are also flights from Padang to Gunung Sitoli a few times a week with Wings (Lion Air). This is easier if you are coming from/going to the Mentawais. 

Note Lion Air only accepts Indonesian and Australian credit cards. Garuda accepts most nationalities of card.

Alex Buulolo runs a travel agent office at Marlynto Surf Camp. You can buy your return ticket here!