The Waves


The Point:

It’s been called many things including Nias, Lagundri, Sorake and most often just The Point, but whatever name is used, it always ends up in the world’s top 10 waves. Here’s why; the paddle out through the keyhole is dry hair simplicity, the take-off is predictable, the barrel is a flawless almond shape that peels with precision at the perfect speed for up to 10 seconds, the reef is well cover, it’s good in all tides and all seasons. It breaks in any size, getting steeper and faster drop once it hits about 4 foot. Anyone can surf it depending on the size and everyone can get the wave of their lives here.




10km north of Teluk Dalam harbour, in front of the village Hilisataro is a swift, sucky right in front of a church that will be working on medium size days at the point. It’s easy to paddle out, shallow, and great for airs and barrels. Good way to beat the crowd and easy to hire a motorbike or car for the 40 minute trip.



A very shallow, hairy right with pinching barrels, where it’s critical to wait for the right wave and then kick out before the disastrous end section. Only attracts a handful of locals and hellmen, on the few days a season it works. If you don’t make a wave, there is a good chance you will need stitches.Nias

Nias Nias

The Inside:

The inside section of the point can be a great wave on very small swells with high tide. Most people don’t fly to Nias to surf the inside but fun waves can be had and it’s way better than nothing. Can be full of grommets.



A deep water right, slabbing quickly with a vertical take off and a hollow and fast barrel. Only 1 in 10 waves in makeable, so pick wisely. You can walk 30 minutes and paddle out but it is advisable to hire a boat. You don’t want to get hurt here and be stuck walking back. Many pros have been seeking out Sobatu lately, but not many others are ready for it.


Lagundri Beachbreak:

Just a 15 minute walk inside the bay, the beachbreak is a great option for really big days. When the point is 6 foot, the beachbreak is a shoulder high right that peels like a point. Its easy to surf, fun, and the afternoons are full of excited grommets hooting each other into waves. Good place to learn to surf.



An empty left only accessed by boat or a 30 minute trek through the jungle. Can get good but is always an adventure.


In between Teluk Dalam and Rockstar, about 30 minutes drive from the point. A sucky A-frame  that can get good in medium size waves at the point. Good way to escape the crowd and good for body boarders.

Sebagiboho Beachbreak:

This beachbreak can be accessed by motorbike or speedboat. It takes about 20 minutes on bike and then a quick canoe ride across the river to the beach island. It is a long sandy beach that picks up a lot of swell, so it is a good option for very small days at the point. The drive is nice through villages and jungle and the jungle river crossing is unforgetable.

Beachbreak Beachbreak



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